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Give Yourself (and Your Pitch) the Greatest Opportunity to Succeed

Effectively pitching to venture capitalists involves much more than simply standing in front of them and telling them about how awesome your product/service is. Follow this format, and you’ll have a greater opportunity to achieve the success that you desire.

How to Prepare for a Public Speaking Performance Like a Pro

Only a minor percentаge of people state that they have nothing against public speaking. For the vast majority out there the prospect of delivering a speech in front of an audience is as frightening as the thought of death.

Knock Out Those Knockout Nerves

Most speakers are nervous before they begin to speak. Why does getting up in front of a bunch of strangers make us feel so scared? And what can we do to prevent it? To overcome pre-performance anxiety and feel a lot more comfortable about giving your next speech, try these techniques:

Public Speaking: Dealing With Fear

Practical exercises on how to overcome the fear of public speaking. Discover what to do if you experience failure after giving a speech.

Ditch the Script

Learn to Ditch the Script and really communicate with your audience. You can learn, beginning with some simply techniques.

Speaking English Like An American

For many foreigners who travel to the U.S. in search of greener pastures, there is one perennial dilemma that often accompanies them on their journey: their foreign accent. Speaking English with a foreign accent opens a Pandora’s box to a whole host of problems, not the least of which include discrimination as far as job opportunities are concerned as well as general difficulty in being understood. Furthermore, it can be quite a blow to someone’s pride to learn that he/she simply does not speak English on the same level as a regular native speaker.

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Giving a Wedding Speech

The list of things that can go wrong on your wedding day is endless. One or more exes on your guest list. People insisting you do a calorie count on the menu. Stag do disasters. Wedding cake not being up to standard. These are just a few of the more popular issues you may have to deal with. But let’s not forget about the wedding speech.

How to Introduce Yourself Before Giving a Presentation

The strategy you employ to introduce yourself is just as important as the presentation. This article offers suggestions to maximize its impact.

How to Present Boring Information In An Interesting Way – 3 Tips

This article suggests three simple yet effective tips for presenting boring information in an interesting way. You’ll revive yourself and the audience.

Learn Public Speaking From Your Pastor – Evaluating Sermons for Public Speaking

This article examines several questions to evaluate sermons for public speaking. Use them the next time you hear a message. They’re guaranteed to increase your awareness and sharpen your skills.

5 Tips For Stuttering Your Way Through Presentations

Can some who stutters be a good communicator? What should they do if they have a presentation? This stuttering comedian and professional speaker offers her 5 tips for successfully stuttering your way through your next speech. It is no surprise that these tips will be helpful to everyone.

7 Powerful Tips To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking is one of the greatest fears for an average human. Just the thought of speaking on the stage can make any person a nervous wreck. There are, however, some effective tips that can help you overcome your fear.

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