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Silence Is Golden-An Impromptu Speech

As a member of Rostrum, the English equivalent of the American Toastmasters, I was often asked to do an impromptu speech, lasting three minutes with just three minutes to prepare. One such speech was titled “Silence is Golden”. There are many ways to plan an impromptu speech. You can use “How, When, Where or Why”; “Past, Present and Future”; or perhaps “Local, National or International”. One of the best ways, I believe, to give an impromptu speech is to use an experience you have had. Our author gives an outline of what was in this speech. It tells of his experience at a high school camp.

Be an Outstanding Communicator Who Achieves Goals

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, It can achieve” – Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich” Your ability to communicate confidently, clearly, energetically and persuasively, in every speaking situation, is directly linked to your success no matter your field or profession. I always ask my clients during their executive voice training program, “Why do you want to succeed?’ Many say they want enough money to have the freedom to do whatever they want in life.

For a Strong Message, Pause and Take a Breath

To many it comes as a big surprise when I point out that people may hear you, but that doesn’t mean they listen and understand your message. According to the National Center for Voice and Speech, the average conversation rate for English speakers in the United States is about 150 words per minute.

A Calm Mind, A Confident Voice

The human voice is a powerful instrument for communicating both professionally and personally. Here are some other ways to create calm and balance in your life and to continue to sound confident, persuasive, and engaging.

Calmness Is the Cradle of Your Voice Power

I learned an important lesson doing my first large audience Zoom call, and it took me by surprise. In case this ever happens to you, here is my advice.

Tune-Up Your Presentation Skills

Presentation skills can be a stepping-stone for your career. Unfortunately, if you are afraid to use them, you could be held back from job or career opportunities. Learn four (4) basic rules to help you tune-up your presentation skills.

How To Land Speaking Engagements That Build Your Business

Once you start speaking, if you do a good job, more people are going to ask you to speak again. It will kind of snowball on its own and can bring even more people on board as leads and customers to your business.

Vocal Abuse: Causes, Characteristics & Cure

Vocal Abuse is the misuse of the voice which can lead (or already has led) to permanent damage to the vocal cords. Teachers, trainers, coaches, public speakers and politicians are the most likely candidates for vocal abuse. However, anyone who uses their voice heavily throughout the day can experience the symptoms…

Keynote Speakers – Engage Your Audience

How do you engage your audience when speaking in public? If you don’t capture their attention and draw them into the content, they’ll be asleep before you tell them what you’re going to tell them. They’ll sleep through what you tell them. AND, they’ll wake up wondering what you told them… Draw them in, first.

Rehearse, Record, Review, Repeat

It’s natural to want to know what you look like before going out in public. Is your hair brushed? Is your makeup looking good? Are your clothes fitting nicely? And depending on the level of the social interaction you may be having, you check, double-check, and check again. I’m sure you do the same as a speaker. Before

Captivate Your Audience From Word One

Recently, I listened to a podcast of one of the better-known speakers of our time. It was very enlightening..

How the Ultimate Public Speaking Principle Benefits All

You may have seen articles and books that feature such titles as “The Seven Principles of Public Speaking,” “The 12 Innumerable Laws of Public Speaking,” and “Five Fundamental Truths of Delivering Presentations.” All such items contain valuable information. But in this article, I want to boil the advice down to one idea – the ultimate public speaking principle, if you will.

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