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Passion Will Drive You to Become a Successful Speaker

Many have tried and many have failed as public speakers for one reason and one reason only, they did not have the level of passion required to achieve speaking success. Discover what it takes to become a successful public speaker.

Cardinal Techniques of Publicly Speaking

What will up the ante for your next presentation? Clarity of message, ownership and connection are 3 of the cardinal techniques for public speaking.

Public Speaking Tips

When you think about having to speak in public or delivering presentations how do you feel? If you are one of those lucky people who loves it and will take every opportunity to address an audience and hear the sound of your own voice consider yourself lucky. For most this is something to be avoided at all costs and the mere thought of it can cause sweaty palms, a dry throat, heart palpitations and sleepless nights. If it’s any consolation, research has shown that glossophobia (speech anxiety) is ranked as one of the most common phobias.

Making a Technical Presentation – Use Visual Aids Effectively

Coming to a training-room near you: A one-day workshop on the effective use of visual aids! Such an announcement should make thousands of presenters all over the world line-up to attend and make the persons offering such a workshop very rich. While I wait for you to attend such a workshop, please, use the following tips to help you enhance your next presentation.

Break Free From the Fear of Public Speaking

Right up there with death and heights, public speaking is a fear that too many people let affect their lives. Now, you might not have to make a speech to a room of 100 people, but if you have your own business, then you are probably going to have to make cold calling a part of your marketing strategy. Cold calling, much like public speaking, evokes a sense of dread in many people, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your Own Sermon Research Team

Have you ever wished you had an assistant to help you to do research for your sermons, Bible studies, and other talks that you prepare? Have you ever thought to yourself, “If I was pastoring a megachurch, I’d have a full-time assistant to help me find illustrations, statistics, and other helpful material…then I wouldn’t get so overwhelmed with all this work I have to do?”

How to Become an A-List Speaker

I attended the National Speakers Association’s National Convention a few years back. I met some of the most extraordinary people I had ever come across. These were people who have messages that have made, and are making a difference in the life of others.

Believe in Your Expertise and You Will Make a Difference

Never allow a lack of speaking opportunities to stop you from achieving your long term goals as a public speaker. Tweak your marketing and continue on your path to success.

Easy, Effective, Efficient – 5 Steps For Improving Your Presentation Skills

Public speaking is only as difficult as you allow it to be. Unfortunately, many people make it more difficult than it is because their fear or their nervousness is in control. If such is the case with you, then you should consider implementing 5 steps that can give you the upper hand over your nervousness.

How to Motivate As a Speaker in Tough Times

Conveying information is never a speaker’s primary task. Especially in tough economic times, speakers need to lead, and to achieve lasting influence with audiences. Here’s how to speak as a leader.

Explicit Qualities to Look For When Seeking the Best Motivational Speakers

Common qualities a productive motivational speaker has are high energy, ability to inspire, and providing direction. These qualities are necessary when addressing and motivating an audience. Businesses today are constantly looking for ways to motivated their staff and maintain job performance. Today’s economy is tough and leaves many good employees struggling to take care of their home responsibilities and afraid of losing the source of income they currently have.

Not Funny – What’s a Speaker to Do About Unacceptable Humor?

Humor, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Well, maybe not – simply because although I do like using humor in a speech; however, it’s a tricky beast and it can turn on you at any moment. Just how is a speaker supposed to determine when some form of humor is inappropriate for the audience that he / she is speaking to?

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