Analyzing R. Kelly

Identifying the Best Markets for Speakers

Have you ever anticipated speaking to a full house and when the time came few people showed up? Have you spent good money to advertise your speaking event and been disappointed at the turnout? Have you put up a web site that nobody looks at?

Secrets to Becoming a Six Figure Speaker

Have you started your speaking career and are considering giving it up? Before you do, take a look at these important secrets of successful professional speakers.

How Speakers Use Audience Hot Buttons

In order to have an audience respond positively or buy into your speech, it is important to push their “hot buttons”. Hot buttons are emotional cues that people naturally respond to, leading them to agree with an idea, purchase a product or take some other action. If a speaker’s message appeals to an emotional need or desire, it is much more likely to motivate the audience than a message that appeals only to the intellect.

The Secrets to Reducing Your Anxiety When Giving a Speech

Would you like to reduce your fears of public speaking? Do you get butterflies in the pit of your stomach when you are asked to make a speech? What can you learn from great orators that’ll help to calm your nerves?

Public Speaking: Getting Out Of The Box Of Our Self Limiting Self Image

It takes courage for any of us to speak up especially when we suspect (or know) that we’ll be criticized. Whether we do or not will depend not on the audience and what they think but rather on whether we let our desire to maintain our self image get in the way of our authentic self.

2 Incredible Voice Exercises to Become an Eloquent Speaker

Some years ago, I attended a communication class in a local evening school. Being curious about what I was about to learn, I felt extremely disappointed after the first session. The teacher had a very tiring teaching style, and he was even far too shy to look into the eyes of his audience. Cold sweat glided all over his face, and his voice was trembling as a tasteless and exaggerated vibrato. When you find it difficult to control your voice during a public lecture, the breathing and intonation exercise will be useful to proceed in that matter.

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking: Learn How to Make It a “Piece of Cake”

The words “public speaking” can make many people very nervous! This nervousness can often be traced all the way back to our middle and high school years. If you fear public speaking, here are some guidelines that will help you overcome those fears and help make delivering your presentations a “piece of cake.”

The Biggest Mistakes Speakers Make

Have you ever wondered why some speakers just never seem to hit a home run when they give a presentation? Some of the most intelligent people step up to the platform and never get the audience fully engaged and excited about their talk. Here are 5 mistakes that speakers make that make their presentations less than what they would have liked.

Is There Power Behind Your Point?

Have you ever seen an average speaker WOW an audience due to extraordinary PowerPoint? Look out speakers… here they come, the emerging speakers found on today’s platforms and stages. They may not have the expertise of the long time pros but they can create technology support that’s engaging, effective and entertaining for all audiences— giving the pros a “run for their money”.

Cyber Speak for Speakers, How Speakers Use the Web to Market Their Products and Talks

Web 2.0 is information based marketing, marketing that is customer centered. The old way to sell was to ‘push’ the product to the consumer, called Web 1.0. That focus centered on product features, and little about consumer need or desire. Today a shift has occurred. The new focus is pull marketing, Web 2.0. The focus now is to uncover the customer based needs, wants, and desires first. Then accentuate the appropriate and right benefit based information, followed with listening to feedback to see if needs were satisfied or not.

5 Ways To Become The GPS Your Audience Needs

Traveling to an unfamiliar location once demanded that you call someone to ask directions, take along a cumbersome road map, and stop to ask directions again when you got lost. That all changed when the GPS (Global Positioning System) became available. Switch now to the speaking situation. Your audience needs full-fledged GPS service from you. This article gives you 5 ways to meet that expectation.

How to Write a Great Speech: RELEVANCE

Emperors in the Coliseum would signal the fate of a gladiator with the lifting of a thumb. And not much has changed. Because this is the age of mobile technology. And there is nothing worse than looking up after a minute of your pivotal speech or presentation to see the key decision-maker in the room looking down, Blackberry in-hand, and a scrolling thumb providing its own telling feedback on the impact of your big moment. In the age of Twitter, I’m often asked to help clients avoid this fate in 140 characters. Fortunately, I can often cut that to nine: RELEVANCE.

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