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Public Speaking: Be Cautious When Using a Manuscript

The structure of a talk varies depending on the message and the messenger. Some speakers like to use the “manuscript method;” in which they write out their message word for word, and leave nothing to chance. These presenters have something specific to say, and they do not want any errors or omissions. Although this method has distinct advantages, it also comes with some inherent risks.

Public Speaking: Use “Pointed” Not “Pointless Illustrations”

In a talk, illustrations are word pictures that clarify, support, exemplify, or demonstrate points in the message. Basically, there are two kinds of illustrations: “pointed” and “pointless.” A pointed illustration supports the subject while a pointless one does not. Pointed illustrations further clarify the subject and lend a hand in moving listeners ever closer to a predetermined desired outcome. Pointless illustrations may be interesting to hear, but they fail in their intended mission. Ultimately, they do not support the subject or put emphasis on the predetermined desired outcome.

A Witty Story for You to Include in Your Retirement Speech

Here’s a witty story for you to include in your retirement speech. It’s a story that always gets a good laugh. It’s about a newly retired couple who find a sack of money on the road and decide to keep it.

Public Speaking: It’s Just a Matter of Time

Suppose someone asked you to do a presentation on “The History of NASA’s Space Program.” Do you think the approach and content would be impacted by the length of time they gave you to speak? Of course it would. That is why knowing your allotted time upfront is so helpful. In many ways, the allotment time will inform you about how to approach your subject.

How To Make A Gig Great – Part 1

Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller once told an interviewer that there were certain elements that a comedian needs to succeed for any show. She talked about the importance of the sound, stage, seating arrangement and lighting. She was one hundred percent correct. Unfortunately, as a comedian or speaker your conditions are not always going to be ideal. Here are some things I’ve learned as a comedian and speaker to do before a gig to help it be fantastic.

How To Write Humorous Groom Speeches

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, except for one little problem. As the groom, you have to give a speech and the thought of public speaking leaves you terrified at the prospect of public humiliation. Relax! With a little planning and preparation, anyone can turn boring toasts into sincere and humorous groom speeches. Here are a few tips to help you give a memorable address on your big day.

6 Principles To Improve Your Public Speaking

We all know how to talk – that comes from having a mouth. But speaking and speaking well are quite different. An effective speaker is able to motivate the audience to change a belief, attitude or action. These 6 principles are easy to apply and will improve your presentations.

Public Speaking: Don’t Underestimate the Power of an Effective Handout

As a retired teacher I’ve had decades of experience in creating and passing out handouts. The primary goal you want to shoot for as a seeker is not to let passing out and browsing through the handout distract the audience from you. You don’t want the handout to break your flow. There are 3 aspects to using a handout: Why to do it, when to do it, and how to do it.

Hey Speaker, What’s Your Room IQ?

So how do you get ready to deliver a speech? Write out your words? Create some PowerPoint slides? It turns out that there’s one very important thing that you may have been missing – taking control of the room that you’ll be speaking in…

3 Essential Guidelines for a Beginner in Public Speaking

Public speaking normally gives you the chill along with butterflies in your stomach. This is normal, especially if it’s your first time to speak to a large group of people.

Losing Your Voice By the End of the Day?

I cannot tell you how many people I meet who tell me that they are losing their voice by the end of the day. When this occurs, often they have little, if any, voice the following morning. And, it is not just happening to those on the campaign trail. This type of vocal abuse is common among trainers, teachers, coaches, professional speakers, moms, and even those who spend much of their day on the phone.

If You Plan on a Career in Public Speaking, Take Notes on Your Audience

When given the opportunity to speak, most people are so concerned with their material and delivery, that little, if any, consideration is given to their audience. After finishing your speech or presentation, take notes on your audience and how receptive they were as well as your specific topic. Keeping this information updated in a program on your computer will do much to add to your success in public speaking.

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