Ali Macofsky Was Making Prank Calls for Ryan Seacrest at Age 7

International Humor: Is It Even Possible For A Speaker?

Being asked to speak before an international audience can be a big complement – not that many speakers can do this successfully. If you choose to make the most of your audience’s listening skills and work some humor into your speech, well then more power to you. However, you’ve got quite the challenge lying before you: forget presentation tips, how are you going to make sure that what is funny to you is going to be able to cross international borders and arrive funny when it gets to the other side?

Public Speaking And Presentation Skills: Tips To Give A Good Presentation

We often get chances for showing our public speaking and presentation skills. We need a lot of preparation and practice to become an expert in these. A few tips to keep in mind while giving a presentation can make it better.

Funny Motivational Speaker: 3 Situations When You Might Need One

Motivational speakers usually capture the attention of listeners to boost their morale and confidence. Furthermore, the long sessions can create boredom which does not suit the requirement of hiring a speaker. It is at this instance that a funny motivational speaker comes into the picture.

Why You Should Find Your Real Speaking Voice

Your 1st thought might be that you didn’t know your speaking voice was lost. No, your speaking voice is not lost; however, your ‘real’ one has yet to be found if you are like 99% of the population. Whether you refer to it as your true voice or your real one, you do have a richer, warmer, more mature-sounding voice inside of you that is just waiting to be discovered.

Is Your Fear of Public Speaking Hindering Your Advancement?

I am amazed at the number of people who confide in me that their fear of speaking at a lectern or even at the head of a boardroom table is hindering their career advancement. This is so unfortunate because their fear is control of them instead of the other way around.

Information Overload: How to Fight the Urge to Say Too Much

A client recently asked, “How do I control my urge to give more information than my audience needs?” Great (and very mindful) question! Consider this answer from authors Dan and Chip Heath in Made to Stick.

What’s the Point of Frogs, Bees, and Bats?

How are you presenting your messages to customers, members, clients, and prospects? Are you communicating benefits, value, and urgency in a way that gets them to pay attention and respond, or glaze over and play with their cell phones?

Why Public Speakers Should Cut Out Filler Words

As we all strive to become better speakers, we tend to focus on the big issues: how to write a great speech, how to use our bodies to connect with our audience, etc. However, it turns out that sometimes it can be the little things that can trip us up. Things like using filler words in our speech.

Three Tips to Transforming Your Relationship to Public Speaking

What do you assume when you are standing up in front of an audience? How do you approach your audience, in connection or disconnection? Who are you when you are up front? Here are three tips to transform your relationship with public speaking.

The King’s Speech

1% of New Zealand’s population stutter, which includes children, teenagers and adults. In an interview with Colin Firth, the actor who played King George VI in ‘The King’s Speech’, Norbert Lieckfeldt, Chief Executive of the British Stammering Association, explained how stuttering, “masks ability. It masks your capacity. Your intellect. It’s a layer between you and the world through which everything gets filtered”, leading to miss-understandings and miss-representations. And it can be different.

Developing a Successful Business Card Speech

We know. Giving a speech is typically a stressful event for everyone.

Why Breathlessness and Nervousness Go Hand-In-Hand in Public Speaking

One of the greatest problems for the novice in public speaking is nervousness which often results in lack of air. While nervousness should be one of your greatest benefits when addressing an audience, breathlessness is not. The problem with the latter is that it increases your stress which in turn increases your nervousness. Left unchecked, it can even cause panic.

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