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Persuasive Words

Good language usage is one of the top 5 persuasive speech presentation elements. Adjectives can add colors while giving a sales speech or presentation. By using a simple memory trick the list of most commonly used adjectives can be recalled while speaking to the leads/customers or drafting a persuasive sales letter.

Can Public Speaking Really Change Your Life?

For many people, public speaking is scary because it means stepping out of your comfort zone and doing things differently than you’ve always done them. What would your life be like if you could get up and speak to a roomful of strangers without fear? What if feeling comfortable in front of a group really could change your life for the better? Would it be worth the risk?

Professional Speaking: What Can We Learn From An Industry Fraud?

Building your credibility as a speaker? Don’t make these mistakes…

Congruent Communication Is More Effective Communication

For all of us and especially for public speakers, communication really is more than just words. If you think this is untrue, cast your mind back and remember a time when you experienced a conversation with someone that didn’t go well. I’m willing to bet that at some stage the words being used failed to match the emotional meaning one or both of you attached to the message. This is often at the root of communicational issues and this article explains why.

Our Special Engagement – A Key to Effective Speaking

Once we get over the self-absorbed notion that public speaking and writing are about communicating to the audience (or readers) and accept that we are communicating with the audience, we enter the dimension of speakers and writers who have an interested audience. So, how do we grab and hold the interest of an audience?

What Presenters Can Learn From Coaching

A major problem I see with a lot of business presentations is that they seem to be more geared to the needs of the presenter (or the organisation) than to the needs of the audience. This is one reason why so many presentations can appear irrelevant or uninteresting, even when delivered by very capable speakers.

HELP YOUR SPEAKERS SUCCEED AT YOUR EVENT (A Guide for Meeting Planners and Event Producers)

I have been a professional corporate speaker for 25 years for some of the biggest companies in the world. I’d like to help other speakers get the best chance for success at their events, and for meeting planners to get the most out of their speakers.

5 Best Traits or Characteristics Your Public Affairs Consultant Should Have

If you are looking for a public affairs consultant, it is important not to hire the first person you see during your research phase. At its best, the public affairs consultant, you should work with should have the following characteristics up their sleeves. It will help you a lot in the long run if you keep your standards high. After all, if this is a political endeavor, it is prudent that you always have your best foot forward – literally and figuratively speaking.

Nasality – How to Get Your Voice Out of Your Nose

Don’t you just hate it? The voice you know in your head sounds fabulous and then you hear yourself on your voicemail and suddenly you are subjected to a whiny, nasal sound that is unrecognizable. You may also find it embarrassing, appalling, or disgusting. Whatever your reaction, what you hear on recording equipment is true. What you hear in your head is the lie.

Public Speaking – How to Be Persuasive Without Being Overbearing

The reasons for public speaking are many and varied. Valedictorians deliver graduation speeches. Politicians address audiences for their votes. Best men toast grooms. College students are required to give speeches as part of their communications courses. The list goes on and on. Some of these types of speaking engagements are informative; others are persuasive in nature.

Just Say “No” To Bad Webinars – 5 Rules For Public Speakers To Use

Back in the day, it seemed like every speech that we gave was the same. We’d show up in a room, the audience would sit quietly in their chairs, and then we’d take the stage and wow them. If our words weren’t working, we’d be able to see it in our audience’s face and we could adjust what we were saying to better match their mood. Well guess what: webinars have arrived and now all of the old rules no longer work for us.

How To Sell Your Next Audience On Your Idea

When you have an idea that you want your audience to support, it’s time to get out the demonstration speech. This is a great time to show off the importance of public speaking. Let’s talk about how best to do this…

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