Alex Honnold on Meeting David Blaine

Why You Should Not Seek Perfection in Public Speaking

When you have a job at hand, is your goal to do it perfectly or to the best of your ability? Be honest with yourself in answering that question because, in public speaking, it could mean the difference between a dynamic presentation and one that is so-so.

How to Perform Poetry for Kids Effectively, Seven Keys to Success

This article shows seven keys to performing poetry effectively for kids. It’s written by a poet and a teacher. He knows what he’s talking about.

Effective Public Speaking Strategies To Help You Influence Your Audience

Your most effective public speaking strategy will be how you manage or minimize your anxiety on the day of your presentation or speech. You should have a routine that puts your mind at ease and puts you in the right state of mind so you feel relaxed and in control. This article gives you some tips on developing a routine that will help you do very well in front of any size crowd.

Mastering Public Speaking – 12 Steps To A Successful Delivery

Mastering public speaking is a fear that every individual has to overcome. When I first started out on the speaking circuit, the public speaking fear was a constant companion of mine. Read on to learn 12 important steps to follow to overcome your fears and deliver a successful speech.

Effective Public Speaking – 5 Tips To Captivate Your Audience

Becoming an effective public speaker is certainly not something that happens overnight.There are no shortcuts to becoming a great public speaker. It’s a journey that takes patience, time and effort. Read on to discover 5 public speaking tips that I always follow to ensure I deliver a top notch speech.

Public Speaking 101 – The Importance of Word Choice – Part I

Do you do any training or public speaking in other countries? In this article, I am sharing with you my unique experience in conducting training in Malaysia, the US, Singapore and Hong Kong and explain why it is important to pay attention to the word choice.

Public Speaking 101 – The Importance of Word Choice – Part II

In this part, I am going to continue the discussion of the importance of word choice in public speaking and training. I am going to share with you 3 areas you should pay close attention to when you conduct your training.

Public Speaking: How To Open A Speech

The opening of a speech is of much importance as it allows the speaker to catch the attention of the audience. A strong opening will help the audience to know the speaker’s public speaking skills. Here in this article you would find some ways of opening a speech.

The Secret of Self-Confidence in Public Speaking

Overcome the fear of public speaking. The confident speaker. Getting your point across. Public speaking must have a sense of purpose.

Emergency!: 3 Things That Can Go Wrong During A Speech And What To Do About Them

Giving a speech in front of an audience can be one of the most nerve racking things that you’ll ever do. Here are three situations that every speaker will probably encounter someday that can’t be solved by using clever presentation tips and what you can do about them…

Public Speaking: The Simple Secrets of Story Telling

Facts and figures are good at conveying factual information, but not so good at conveying concepts and complex ideas. There’s only one thing that can do that in a way people can relate to – and that’s a story. But where do you find relevant stories? And how do you tell them convincingly? This enlightening article peels away the mystery of it all and reveals just how easy it can be.

What to Do If You Fear Public Speaking More Than Death

Are you afraid of public speaking? If so, here is the good news for you, i.e. public speaking is a learnable skill and you can practise and become a good public speaker. In this article, I am going to share with you 4 tips to help you to overcome fear in public speaking.

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