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Want to Become a Public Speaker? – The Way Forward

If you are reading this article and you have the desire or the passion to speak in public, then you are doing the right thing! Is a good decision you have taken, because when you are through with it, you will not just know how to become a public speaker but also learn how to stay on top speaking your way through!

The Father of the Bride Wedding Toast

The father of the bride traditionally gives a wedding speech at the wedding reception held after the wedding ceremony. It culminates in a toast to the bride and groom. The social custom of drinking a toast dates back to antiquity. One person raises a glass and expresses some sentiment about another person or some significant event, and invites the others present to share in that thought by also raising their glasses and taking a sip.

3 Key Secrets to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

You probably already know this but public speaking is something that can cause a lot of fear and anxiety…you get so nervous at even the thought of speaking in front of a group it makes you want to….well, you can imagine where I’m heading with this. The good news is, public speaking need not be stressful for you at all.

How to Deliver an Unforgettable Speech

Delivering a speech on any topic can be a completely nerve wracking process. Here are some simple tips and tricks to give your speech the impact and attention it deserves.

Speak Up and Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!

You already have your signature speech down, but sometimes you need to go beyond that. As a public speaker, it’s time to get moving and stretch yourself. It’s time to speak up, stand out and step out of your comfort zone.

Speech Pathology – Affects Good Communication

Communication is very essential to our daily lives and it is the best way to express our emotions in order to be understood. There are two types of communication: verbal and non-verbal.

Learn Public Speaking Right Now!

Why do you have to learn public speaking? Well, public speaking is a very valuable skill and can really open doors in your career.

Connecting With Your Audience Just Got Easier

The art of public speaking requires at least two variables for there to be a balanced equation and they are the audience and the speaker. The sole reason a speaker speaks in public is so that the audience will listen and possibly take a certain action or make a particular decision depending on what the objective of the presentation is anyway.

Speech Writing Success – How To Make It Happen

So there you are: you’ve agreed to give a speech and now your mind has gone completely blank when you’ve tried to start to figure out what you’ll say. Where did your energy go? Perhaps more importantly, how are you going to get it back and create a great speech?

Wedding Toasts From the Best Man

If your best mate or brother or whoever has requested you the special honor of being best man at his wedding then among your many duties will be the wedding toasts as best man. Here are a few ideas for your perusal.

Public Speaking Tips – Make a Speech Like a Pro

If you are expected to make a speech or give a talk, here are eight simple tips that will help things go smoothly. 1. Practice in front of a video camera or mirror, and rehearse enough times to feel confident.

Towards a Great Speech – Demystifying Ethos, Pathos and Logos

Have you ever wondered what the key components of every great speech are? Perhaps you are wondering what features of speeches might exist that you do not already know about. The ancient Greeks were the first people to bring out a classification that has come to be universally accepted.

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