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Public Speaking Training – 6 Distinct Ways to Open a Speech, Public Presentation Or Talk

Public speaking training often focuses on the big picture challenges facing newbies – like selecting a topic, choosing a target audience or market, and the general structure of the talk. Unfortunately, in the rush to answer these important technical challenges, one of the most fear-inducing aspects of speech making is often forgotten..

Wedding Toasts For Best Man

If you are lucky enough to be asked to give a speech at a wedding then you should keep a few points in mind when preparing your speech such as the type of people in your audience. You are thanking these guests on behalf of the happy couple and vice-versa.

Use Your Expertise To Become a Successful Public Speaker

Blaze new trails as a professional speaker and strive in the process. Learn what it takes to become a in demand public speaker.

Steps to Mastering Public Speaking

Public speaking is an integral part of conducting business, yet so many people either cannot public speak or their presentations are ineffective. I am going to help combat this by giving you the fundamentals of effective presentations.

Wedding Toasts – Best Man

So you’ve been asked to give a wedding toast or toasts as best man? Great – you think “no problem” – and say “I’d be honored.”

Public Speaking Tips – 5 Ways to Speak Like a Professional

If you have been looking for public speaking tips, then this article will show you 5 things you can do to lift your public speaking to a professional standard. By using appropriate pauses, being careful with your body language, and keeping to the time limit you will be able to deliver your speeches with the authority and poise of a professional public speaker.

Weddings’ Speech – Useful Tips For Writing an Effective Speech

Giving the right wedding speech and making that moment memorable for the “special couple” could be a challenging task. Most people feel scared at the thought of writing and delivering a weddings speech. They end up giving speeches which are easily forgettable. But, with a little preparation and some easy tips, you could end up creating an ‘unforgettable moment’ for the bride and groom.

Public Speaking – “My Anxiety is Completely Gone”

A friend told me that, after a lifetime of being fearful of public speaking, “my anxiety is completely gone.” I was amazed and asked her what she had learned that caused her anxiety to disappear. This article summarizes the three things she told me.

5 Tips For Better Public Speaking

Public speaking is known to be the number one fear among individuals — beating out spiders, the dark, and even death! But in order to succeed in life and the workplace, public speaking is also the number one skill a person must possess. Below are 5 tips for public speaking that will reduce your stress levels, as well as make you a better orator.

How To Connect With Your Audience – 5 Things You Can Do Right Now!

Connecting with the audience, and early in the speech, is the single greatest asset a speaker can have. Why? Don’t look now…but the speech is not about you, it’s about your audience. So, how to connect with your audience? Read on.

Becoming The Best Speaker You Can Be Entails Your Uniqueness

No two speakers are alike, we are all unique in our own special way. Discover how to get the best out of yourself as a speaker and strive.

Living With the Fear of Public Speaking

Do you know that many great speakers have admitted that every time they have to make a presentation, they have felt the fear? Are you surprised? Why should someone who has made public speaking a part of their life be afraid to make one more speech?

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