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Forgot Your Speech? How To Recompose Your Thoughts Quickly Before You Take Stage

Talking before a crowd or an audience begets high spirits! It shifts power to the fourth gear and a rupture of charm for a few minutes on stage, like a rock star! But suddenly, you forgot your speech.

Remember That Your Audience Is Selfish

Does the title sound harsh? In fact I would go further and say that we are all selfish. I don’t of course mean a nasty, miserly, grasping sort of selfishness. I mean the sort of selfishness that is hard-wired into us all. This is the “What’s in it for me?” type of selfishness that means we want value for our hard earned money and our rapidly diminishing reserve of free time and attention.

Who Is The Real VIP In Professional Speaking?

There are some speakers who forget who the real VIP’s are. As a public speaker or presenter your first concern should always be for your audience. If you are a professional speaker there is, however, one even more important person involved in the proceedings. Is it you? No, it is definitely not you. It is the person who is actually paying your fee.

If Public Speaking Is Your Goal, You Should Definitely Consider Voice Training

Yes, you will have a richer, warmer, more mature sound when you discover your ‘real’ voice. And, yes, you will be able to increase your volume without shouting when you discover your ‘real’ voice. But there is something else you should consider if public speaking is your goal. The likelihood of suffering vocal abuse is much greater if you plan to pursue a career as a professional speaker.

How To Start A Speech

Whether you have to give a wedding speech, a persuasive speech, an informative speech, a business speech, a demonstrative speech, or a eulogy, you have to be able to start out strong. Why do you need to start the speech in an attention getting manner? Whether you are after recognition, a raise, social status, an ovation, or a high grade, the strong start will assist you to achieve the results you are wanting.As an award winning speaker, and someone with many noteworthy writing achievements, I have created a perfect formula for speech writing. One of my fortes is how to start a speech. Read more to find out how…

Anxiety And Public Speaking

Many people feel very anxious when they are asked to speak publicly. Anxiety is a perfectly normal reaction to stressful situations, but for some, public speaking can cause more than just a fleeting anxiety attack. Learn some techniques to overcome normal and more serious feelings of anxiety.

Can You Really Fake An American Accent?

  Before we are able to really answer the question of: Can you really fake an American Accent? It is important to learn all about what accent really is and how it is acquired. To put it simply, Accent may be defined as the unique manner of speaking or nuances of oral speech shared in common by people who live in a particular locality.

Seven Steps To Writing A Great Speech

A speech is similar to an essay, except that a speech is meant to be spoken, while an essay is meant to be read. If you wish to write a great speech that will impress your audience till the end and garner thunderous applause, then here is a list of seven steps you can follow while writing your speech.

Talking Business: Tips For Speaker Success

Giving a speech in a business environment, specifically to a group of senior managers, can be one of the most difficult speeches that any of us will ever be called on to give. However, even this type of speech can be done smoothly and will allow you to be seen as an effective communicator if only you take the time to follow the following suggestions.

A Smile Goes a Long Way in Public Speaking

Do you ever think about smiling when addressing an audience? If not, you should. Did you know that it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile? Therefore, when you consider energy consumption, it is much wiser to smile than it is to show fear no matter how bad your nervousness.

Public Speaking Tips: How to Boost Your Self Confidence

Suffer from butterflies, sweaty palms or an iron fist in your stomach every time you have to speak in public? You may feel desperate and think you’ve tried everything, but think again. You CAN discover how to speak confidently, and here are some smart tips that really make a significant difference in practice.

Earn Big Money With the Big Draw In LOTS of Ways!

Some conferences like to leverage C-Level executives and industry experts as keynote speakers for their events. For example, a large technology conference would target C-Level Executives of large companies and industry experts as speaking resources. Nabbing a well-known executive/expert is a big win for the event planners because these speakers will drive more people to the conference based on name recognition alone and provide a significant amount of informational value.

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