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Speech Preparation

I am using my toastmaster experience to talk about speech preparation. What are some the key components of a speech from my prospective? The goal will be to address areas then provide some feedback to why it is a good part of the speech preparation process.

Secret Techniques of a Successful Motivational Speaker

It is quite easy to identify successful motivational speakers. They are so quick to form an emotional connection with their audience. Most people would agree that a motivational speaker who impresses them is the one who touches their hearts. The heart is the key to influencing people. However, it is not easy to maintain the interest of the audience. Quotes, jokes, and anecdotes are important tools for a successful motivational speaker. That is why…

If You Do Well Then They Do Well

One thing that can scare someone about speaking in public is the fear of a hostile audience. What is the basis for this fear? Unless you are purposely delivering a deeply unpopular, emotive or negative message, why should the audience be hostile? What do most audiences really want? Here is a simple and, at first glance obvious, observation that may just make you change your view about the potential mind-set of your audience at the start of your speech.

Confidence in the Spotlight

When I was younger, I often thought it would be impossible for me to speak out or give a talk for anyone other than family members and close friends I am accustomed to being with. After years of being exposed to the public through my work or my church, it is not nearly as scary. I am often asked to give talks at church either for adults eager to learn more about my faith or an aspect of my journey through life with my faith being the dominant ideal and possibly lending aspects of it to help them through different situations in their own lives. Fortunately, as of late, I can speak before hundreds, under a spotlight shining down on me, and be reasonably comfortable. I am a true believer that if you profess to know something, there is no reason not to feel confident with what you are conveying, and yes, even under a bright spotlight, with nothing more than a few keywords in front of you. However, think of this, if the spotlight, that bright light shining down was suddenly turned off, would the words have the same meaning?

Funny Motivational Speakers Are Rare to Find, But More Successful

When was the last time you attended a workshop or session, in your community or office, with a motivational speaker? Which was the best-ever such session you attended? In 100% cases, it’s the funny motivational speakers who are remembered the most! You might have forgotten the most recent session, but would remember a motivational speaker you met even ten years back if he had something humorous to say.

Hiring A Professional Wedding Speech Writer

It’s intimidating to know you have to give a wedding speech in front of friends and loved ones. Get over most of that fear by hiring a professional wedding speech writer. Know that you will have an exceptional speech to give. Read on for quick tips to hiring the right professional.

Tips To Writing Wedding Speeches

When a wedding is around the corner and you have to give a speech, it can be a scary thought. Sometimes the thought of giving the speech is so overwhelming, when you sit down to write it, nothing but fear comes. Solving the problem of fear and overwhelm with wedding speech writing is easier than you think. Read on for some great tips.

How To Choose Speech Topics

When you sit down to write a speech, but you don’t know what your speech topic is, that can be a problem. Choosing the right topic for your speech can be the difference between an award winning speech and a dud. For an easy formula on how to choose your speech topics, read on…

Tips to Improve Your Communication Skills

Effective communication does not mean just talking. An effective communication is the one where information is exchanged so that everyone gets something important and useful out of the conversation. Read through to know some tips on effective communication skills.

Keeping It Real On The Platform

Many people who are thinking about speaking in public or have just started to speak, believe that there is a certain way to speak and behave on the platform in order for it to be real public speaking. There are some professionals who also labour under this misunderstanding. What is really important to remember is what speaking in public really means. If you passionately believe in your message and deliver it with enthusiasm and integrity and the audience finds it of value and interest to them then you have successfully spoken in public and achieved your number one goal; getting your message across. This article is about the importance of keeping it real on the platform.

Relational Stillness: Key to Excellence

Masterful public speakers invite their listeners into a shared stillness where they can breathe, listen, and learn in pleasure. But this inner stillness does not require “emptying your mind.” On the contrary, it is a state abuzz with vital energy from where your best can dynamically arise, effortlessly.

Need Help Writing A Speech?

Many people seek help writing and delivering their speeches so that they can combat fear, and reap the rewards of giving an outstanding speech. When people need help but don’t get it, the results are poor presentation, lack of enthusiasm from the audience, and the end result can be detrimental. When you get the help you need, you are more likely to achieve the results you are wanting with your speech. For some secrets to help you give your best speech, read on…

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