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Is Fear of Public Speaking Keeping You Up at Night?

When you become confident speaking in public, you’ll have the skills you need to get to the highest level in your field. It’s the exact set of communication skills you need to take you to the top!

Attention! Women Executives and Entrepreneurs!

Calling all women executives and entrepreneurs! Have a crucial presentation coming up? Speaking in public at your company’s conference? Here are 5 quick tips that will help.

The Benefits of Your Adrenaline Far Outweigh the Discomfort of Your Nervousness in Public Speaking

If nervousness is keeping you from making that ‘dreaded’ presentation, might I suggest a different approach to your thought process? Instead of focusing on your nerves or your fear, why not focus on your success?

How to Give an Excellent Presentation

Whether you are presenting to a small or large audience at work or in the community, here are 10 factors that can help you give an excellent presentation: 1. You know your subject. It’s obvious to me and the rest of the audience that you know your material well and can handle questions with ease. You are confident but not cocky. It’s okay if you use notes, but you are not buried in them.

Public Speaking Handbook – 3 Tips to Get Started Speaking

The scariest time when getting started with public speaking is getting started. Where are you going to speak?

To Improve Your Speech, Improve Your Memory

Life passes us by so quickly, it seems like a blur sometimes. With instant, frenetic input coming from all angles via the internet, television, mobile devices, even electronic billboards, our minds are trained to absorb and purge information at a frightening pace.

How to Prepare a Killer Speech

Obviously, the following tips are very general in nature, because every speech is different and therefore, every speech requires a different preparation. But, generally, here is what you need to do to prepare well for an upcoming speech.

How to Become a Speaker

Have you ever watched a speaker on TV, at a luncheon or some sort of seminar and felt inspired? As you thought about the speech in your mind you thought about the qualities you liked, humor, great story telling and ease of delivery.

Conquering Your Speaking Fears

Here are some quick tips to conquer your fear of speaking. To prepare for every aspect of your talk and to not include the handling your public speaking fears is to court disaster.

The Best Way to Approach Storytelling in Public Speaking

Telling a story, especially about a personal experience, is the best way I know to connect with you audience. Stories help your audience to visualize circumstances, understand complex information and hook them with emotion. Above all, they help people to remember what they have heard. So what is the best approach to storytelling? Here’s what I think.

The Truth About How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Imagine what it would be like if you could overcome your fear of public speaking forever? How would that change your life for the better? Would you have more confidence at work? Do you think you’d earn more money? How would your social interactions with people improve?

A Proven Way to Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Have you ever wondered if there really is some special ‘secret’ to overcoming the fear of public speaking? Well, these secrets and subtle tricks definitely exist and I’m going to share one with you in just a moment.

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