A Brief History Lesson on Alcohol with Author Edward Slingerland

An Endangered Species – The Traditional Aussie Bloke

In recent years Australia has entered a crisis of enormous proportion, a crisis that will rock Australian society to its very core. This crisis is a crisis yet unrealised by the vast majority of ordinary Australians. Thus I am saddened to report that the Great Icon – The Traditional Aussie Bloke – has become an endangered species. This article discusses why our author feels this is occurring and how it came about. In part, it is an unforeseen result of the Women’s Movement and the feminisation of the teaching profession. Some suggestions are made on how we might redress the situation.

Public Speaking: Let Go of Your Face

These words came to me a few weeks ago while observing a newcomer struggling up front to speak while coping with extreme self-consciousness and maintaining a strained smile. When I asked if she was willing to take some coaching she nodded “yes” and I suggested “let go of your face.”

Speak From Your Center

A new way to explain the alchemy of speaking from Relational Presence recently came to my attention through the words of philosopher William Segal (1904-2000), from a 1995 article in Parabola Magazine. He says “It’s as if there is a center that can vivify all parts of the circumference– a center that illuminates. When we speak and listen from this center, a relationship is set up where words have more meaning. A hitherto unused energy is added. Most people speak, as the expression goes, from the top of their heads, so the words issue mechanically-dead words. A stop, a moment of pause, brings unsuspected energies. There is a change, the quality of energy that’s transferred is quite different. But that is not so easy. It’s easier to speak from our knowledge, from accumulated experience, from imitation of others.”

Effective Ways to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Glossophobia is known as the fear of public speaking and is amongst the most common phobias. Read the article to learn how to overcome your fear of public speaking.

4 Ways To Plan An Effective Speech

We all share the same goal: we’d like to be able to deliver a great speech. However, in order to do that, a number of different things have to come together at the same time for us. These include such things as having a good speech, having a receptive audience, and just a little bit of luck. I can’t do anything about that luck thing, but I think that I’ve got a few suggestions that will help with everything else.

Speaking Tips – The Art and Craft of Oral Storytelling Part Two

This is a continuation of Speaking Tips – The Art and Craft of Oral Storytelling Part One. In it the reader will be introduced to further aspects of effective and enjoyable oral storytelling.

Speaking Tips From a Master Storyteller

An Overall View of the Art and Craft of Oral Storytelling. There is currently on television a show called ‘The X Factor’ in which a panel of judges determine who, among the participants vying for selection, are chosen for stardom. It is said here that only a few of the many hundreds of people who come forward will have the ‘X Factor,’ and only the best of these will win the ultimate prize.

If You Do It in Conversation, Why Not Do It in Public Speaking?

You do it when you talk to your friends, your family, your colleagues, and even the clerk in the grocery store; however, you may not be doing it in public speaking. What am I talking about? The pause. That moment in time when you stop speaking ever so briefly, categorize your thoughts, and take a quick supplemental breath.

6 Tips For Making PowerPoint Work With Your Next Speech, Not Against It

How many times have you been asked to give a speech and the way that you got ready for it was to sit down and create a whole bunch of PowerPoint (or Keynote) slides? Yep, I’ve done the same thing. Hopefully we all know that a speech is really so much more than just a bunch of slides. However, the slides that we use can help to make our speech that much more effective. How can we create slides that will help, not hinder, our next speech?

How to Slow Down Time When Public Speaking

Speaking anxiety activates our freeze or flight responses. How can you possibly be articulate when your mind is racing or stalled and you feel like everyone can see right through you? All effective leaders–whether of businesses or families–know how to slow down time in their mind to bring out the best in themselves and others in the many opportunities for mindfulness that each day brings. I lived with that misery into my late 40’s, when I developed the exercise of being in front of a supportive group for finite periods of time practicing presence with one person at a time without even having to speak. From here, participants found themselves able to breathe, slow down their mind, and allow the appropriate words to arise naturally.

Demystifying the Speaker/Audience Connection

Educator Janet Surrey wrote: “To be in connection with another human being a person needs to see and be seen by the other.” So what does it really mean to “see” the other? The practice of Relational Presence gives a warmly attuned gaze of positive regard to one listener at a time (“I see you”) before allowing words to arise. And even as we speak, and when we pause to breathe, we continue to “see” one listener at a time. Whether university faculty, workshop leader or an inspirational speaker, when you are in front of the room you are essentially an educator. And, “teaching from connection” inspires your audience to better listen, learn, discern, and participate authentically.

Tips for Making an Effective Presentation

PowerPoint presentations are getting more and more popular with the passage of time and often, success or failure is highly dependent on the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentation. Good presentations can make you a successful person while poor and ineffective presentations can ruin your career. Therefore you need to focus on the quality and effectiveness of your presentations. Reading articles and stuff related to making better presentations can help a lot in enhancing the positive effect of your presentations. Following are few tips that will surely help you in becoming a better presenter.

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