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Vocabulary Building: How to Express Yourself

“Tip of the tongue”, it’s that moment when you just can’t seem to recall that right word to complete your thought. You know it’s in there somewhere in your mind but for some reason it won’t come to you. Those tip-of-the tongue moments are understandably frustrating. The only thing that is more frustrating than not remembering is actually not knowing, especially when you are trying to expressing yourself properly to get an important point across. The obvious solution is learning those words, how? By building your vocabulary.

Public Speakers Need To Learn The Language Of Leadership

In order to convince our audiences to follow us, we need to use words that will show them that we are leaders. Do you know how to do this?

Presentation “Blunders” – Keys for Success

This article was written to assure people who present speeches that a mistake does not destroy what you’re saying–unless you get upset. If you get upset, the audience gets upset. If you laugh and joke about it, the audience will be on your side.

Is Breathlessness in Public Speaking a Problem for You?

One of the most common complaints I hear from my students and clients is lack of air in public speaking. This is indeed a problem because without air, there is no voice. And, without voice, there is no speech or presentation.

Eye Contact – An Important Element of Nonverbal Communication

The first element of nonverbal communication is eye contact. After being introduced by the master of ceremonies, walk to the spot where you will start the delivery of your presentation, then pause. Look out at the audience and find a friendly face.

Learn From the Greats in Public Speaking, But Don’t Imitate Them

Without a doubt, you can learn much from Zig Ziglar, Anthony Robbins, and Brian Tracy and so you should. What you shouldn’t do, however, is try to copy them. The best public speakers are themselves, first and foremost. They are not trying to be or to sound like someone else.

Public Speaking Ideas – Self-Help Strategies For Speaking In Public

Public speaking is said to be the number one fear among most people. However there are public speaking ideas you can use to help you to overcome those blockages you experience whenever you’re in a public speaking scenario.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking – Turning Towards Your Audience

In my public speaking coaching workshops as I watch how a nervous speaker at the front of the room relates to their audience, I notice that the speaker nearly always ‘turns away’ metaphorically (and sometimes literally) from the group. And no wonder! If you’re nervous about presenting, it’s usual to think of the audience as a separate, even threatening entity – one that’s waiting to pounce on you with criticism or challenges.

Motivational Speakers Possess Specific Aspects

Great motivational speakers are made up of what? What makes them so effective at motivating their audience? How do they make you feel like you can conquer any challenge set before you?

How to Find the Right Candidate Among Many Available Motivational Speakers

The market of motivational and inspirational speakers has developed tremendously in the past few years. What was once seen as something of side activity has matured into a profession in its own rights, with some practitioners starting to address audiences practically straight out of college rather than after a successful career in politics or sport. It would not be an exaggeration to say that motivational speaking can be treated as an industry comparable in size and workings to that of corporate training or professional development.

The Best Man Speech – A Critical Blueprint For The Best Man Speech

What an honor to be asked to be the best man! And it’s also stressful. Follow this blueprint when crafting the best man speech and you can be assured of giving a powerful and memorable best man speech.

Lighten Up When You Speak

Because speech coaches emphasize the value of thorough preparation, sometimes we become excessively compulsive about getting ready for a speech and delivering it. So instead of reducing our anxiety, we foster a rigid impression that separates us from audiences. Let’s explore Roger Ailes’ excellent advice: “Lighten up, you’re wearing everybody out.”

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