5 Things Rich Retirees Know That You Don’t.

Using a Motivational Speaker in Education

One of the biggest challenges for educators today, particularly in high schools and sixth form colleges is challenging disaffection and raising morale and motivation amongst students. This is particularly important in disadvantaged areas where lack of ambition hampers teachers’ efforts to boost attainment.

Why Your After Dinner Speaker Will Make Or Break Your Event

The after dinner speaker is often the focal point of any event. Whether it is a large corporate event or a family event such as a wedding, nobody will forget the after dinner speaker and what they had to say. The very fact that the speaker is so important and unforgettable means that they have the power to make or break your entire event.

5 Common Reasons Why Public Speaking is Not Effective

Making mistakes in public speaking is a fear for many people. Here are 5 common mistakes that get in the way of effective public speaking and how to avoid them.

Several Tips to Succeed in Your Presentation

A very important thing in giving a presentation is persuasion ability of the material presented. Avoid using unconventional way that is less necessary, so you do not reduce the reliability of the material presented. If your presentation audience consists of the expert, the presentation that is “straight” is more effective. In the other hand, if the way you present is too long-winded, the concentration of the listeners may decrease.

Important Aspects You Need to Consider in Giving a Presentation

If necessary, before giving presentation, prepare a presentation slide and other visual aids. In this modern age, almost all presentations have been using computer slides using PowerPoint or other similar programs. The general principle in preparing slide is keeping it simple. Your listeners want to be explained a difficult problem that becomes easy. Not an easy problem that becomes difficult and complicated.

The Secrets Behind Every Successful Presentation

Providing a successful presentation is the hope of every presenter. In this case, success includes achieving the objectives of the presentation, whether to inform, persuade someone, or give inspiration to the audience. So, what is the difference between a successful presentation and a standard presentation?

6 Principles of Using Slides in Presentation

The use the slide is basically as a presentation tool, not the presentation itself. Therefore, you need to differentiate between the role of the slides as a tool and your role as a presenter.

“And I Owe it All to Television” – How to Make Your Case in 30 Seconds Or Less

Need to deliver a convincing elevator speech in 30 seconds or less? Here’s how to use the persuasive techniques of television to succeed!

Public Speaking Help – 3 Easy Tips You Can Master on Your Own

Having to wonder how to perform well in Public Speaking? Envy those people up on the stage that can speak well and attract other people’s attention? Or perhaps you tried public speaking before, but instead of delivering information to your speakers, you turned out to be a comedian.

The Fear of Public Speaking How to Lessen It

Public Speaking is consistently rated as the Number One Fear people have. Many fear it more then dying! However, overcoming this fear has many personal and professional benefits.

Do I Really Sound Like That?

You hear the sound of your voice on the answering machine or voice-mail and you are appalled by what you hear. Do you really sound like that? Well, yes and no.

Scared to Speak? Tips to Overcome Anxiety

It is normal to be anxious before you have to speak in public. In fact this is actually the number one fear people have. More people are afraid of speaking in public than of dying.

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