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Body Language – Plane & Simple

Just like most professional public speakers, I have a bad habit of occasionally starting to believe that I know everything that there is to know. When this starts to happen, I know how to solve it: I go read a book.

How to Give Effective and Interesting Presentations

Presentation is an integral part of the activities that are done by researchers. With the presentation, they try to communicate their ideas directly to the listener, which means also in the scientific community (collective thought).

3 Tips to Help You Deliver a Dazzling Presentation

Public speaking is something everyone has to face in his life time. No matter whether you have to speak at a wedding or in front of your boss. You need to be able to deliver a dazzling presentation. In this article I want to present you some tips that you can use while speaking in front of an audience.

How to Be an Effective Speaker

To be a speaker is not just simply as talking or speaking about what you want to impart or tell your audience. You will never be a good speaker if you are not an effective speaker. There are various tips on how to be an effective speaker which can be used by everyone to improve their speaking ability.

Does Your Voice Quiver When You Speak?

Imagine that you are standing in front of an audience. Your hands are cold and clammy, your knees are wobbly, and your stomach is in knots. You manage to smile but you can feel your lips twitching. You open your mouth to speak, praying that your trembling lips allow for your voice to come out. And, it does! However, the sound that ensues is anything but solid, stable or reliable.

What Image Do You Project When Approaching the Lectern?

Often we are so consumed by our speech or presentation, our delivery, or our nervousness, that we fail to recognize the value of composure in approaching the lectern or the head of the boardroom table. You are judged not only when you begin to speak but also during your walk to the front of the room or onto the stage of the auditorium or the hall.

Public Speaking Success – Blogging For Fame and Fortune!

Blogging is another tool in the arsenal of the Public Speaking professional. This strategy is extremely powerful, doesn’t cost anything but time, and is easy to do. Blogging allows you to establish your expertise by giving your readers valuable information establishing you as an expert in your field.

How to Deliver a Presentation With Confidence

Public speaking is the number one fear in the U.S. and not without a reason. Speaking in front of other people can make us feel quite uncomfortable especially when you start to notice that your listeners aren’t really listening after all.

Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Front of People Quickly and Safely

For many people, the fear of speaking in front of people has caused them stress, anxiety, and even depression. It has undermined their effectiveness at work, social events and for those in school, their self-confidence has been greatly eroded.

Public Speaking Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Pump up the volume for your business through public speaking. The speaking platform is a great venue because it gives you visibility and market to work with.

Improve Speech and Turn Your Life Around

Practice and improve your speech will bring benefits great for both your business and your life. Learn and practice with these simple exercises at home.

The Three Pillars of a Successful Public Speaker

Not everyone may wish to speak in public, not everyone is born confident to do so too. But almost every one of us will be asked at some stage to stand in front of an audience and give a speech. It may be as simple as a social occasion one.

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