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Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear by Practicing Your Speech Where You Can See It

By practicing your speech where you can see it, what I mean is that you should choose a method of being able to actually see what is happening when you are delivering your speech. You should be able to notice your facial expressions and your body movements, so you can see not only the story you are telling with your words, but also the story that you are telling with your body.

Major Concealed Factors Regarding Motivational Keynote Speakers

A professional speaker, trainer or facilitator who addresses and speaks to audiences usually for a payment is known as a motivational speaker. Generally, the main speech either happens at the beginning of the program or at the closing time of the event.

Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear by Knowing Your Audience and Your Environment

You may be wondering, Won’t my speech work regardless of whom I’m speaking to or where I’m speaking? Well, the short answer to that is, Maybe.

Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear by Using Visual Cues to Help You Maintain Control

What do I mean by visual cues? When I use the term visual cues, I am talking about small objects that you can keep in front of you on the podium, that you will be able to see at all times during your speech. You will use these objects to help you keep your mind on your speech and in your “zone”, so you don’t start to lose control of your speech and let the fear of public speaking creep back into your mind.

Good Speaking Techniques Are Basically the Same As Good Singing Techniques

A well-known radio personality emailed me this past week to ask my advice on keeping their speaking voice healthy and dependable. One of the questions asked was “Would it help for me to warm up with vocal exercises before I go on the air? I’m not a singer, so singing exercises are out. Are there vocal exercises available for non-singers?”

Ten Commandments For the Lazy Speaker Or How to Avoid Turning Your Listeners Homicidal

Lazy speakers can turn a benign audience into a homicidal mass intent on revenge. To stay ahead of the mob you need to re-think your approach to speaking to groups of people. You may be a bad speaker now; but you could be worse if you lie much longer in the bed of laziness.

How to Speak & Present Without Notes

Why would you want to speak without notes? Because you will look more confident and knowledgeable about your topic. You will hold the attention and respect of your audience as they recognize that you know your topic well.

Myths & Facts About Public Speaking

There are so many myths and facts about public speaking. This time you will get a chance to read the ten most common facts and myths about making a speech.

Speech Nerves – Conquer it With Simple Steps From Cognitive Restructuring

“Every time I make a mistake, people will laugh at me, it embarrasses me.” If this is what you are thinking before delivering your speech, you are probably very nervous on stage. When delivering a presentation, it is definitely important to stay calm and composed. If speech nervousness is your Achilles’ heel, feel free to apply these simple steps of cognitive restructuring.

Get Better at Public Speaking – The Benefits of an Online Speech Course!

Wanting to get better at public speaking is an awesome ambition. However, it can seem overwhelming with all the information available now a days. If your truly looking for a way to get better at public speaking, you should take a look at this article, and consider the benefits of an online speech course.

Business Speaking is Unlike Any Other Speaking

Welcome to the world of business: do you know how to give a speech here? All too often speakers spend their time studying how to connect with customers and community members. That’s all well and good; however, that style of speaking is completely different from the style that you need to use when you are giving a presentation within the company. Do you have the right stuff?

10 Tips For Effective Presentations

Are you looking for the 10 Commandments of Great Presentations? Well you need not look further. Below are ten effective presentation tips that can help you navigate that pitch, keynote speech or training program.

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