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Reach Out and Touch Someone: Communicating With Emotion

In 1979, AT&T debuted its iconic “Reach Out and Touch Someone” ads on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show. Almost quaint by today’s standards, the emotion-driven campaign highlighted the power of picking up a phone and connecting with someone across the street or across the world.

What Is the Best Way to Learn Japanese and Other Interesting Facts About It?

Learning a language means more than knowing how to write and speak the language. You must be able to speak fluently and write well at the same time if you want the language to be of any use to you. This can be a big boost in your career and social life and that is why it is important for you to identify the best way to learn Japanese before you begin your study of Japanese.

Recipe For A Highly Persuasive Speech

So, you’re faced with a big responsibility–persuading an audience to accept your idea and take the action you propose. What should you say that will increase your likelihood of success? What ingredients combine to generate the right recipe for a persuasive speech? This article identifies and explains the seven that emerge as essential.

How to Deliver a Good Speech

A good speech delivery starts with a well-written speech. Make sure your speech is written appropriately for the occasion or event. If you think you are not a good writer, gain some simple writing skills; study and apply it into writing your speech. If you do not have enough time to study and gain necessary writing skills, you might as well ask someone who could write a good speech for you.

Tips on Speaking With Confidence

Speaking with confidence is a very valuable tool yet many people struggle to successfully deliver their speech with a round of applause and satisfied crowd. Here are some simple and effective tips that would help you speak with confidence.

Top 10 Paid Speakers In The World And What They Have In Common

Ever wondered what the most paid speakers have in common and how to become one? Read this article to find out who are the top 10 paid speakers in the world and how to get paid like them.

Public Speaking for Beginners – How To Speed Up Your Speech Writing in 5 Easy Steps

The ability to speak in public is terrifying for most people. However, becoming a great presenter can open up many doors and opportunities. Those who are confident speaking to others can influence, motivate and inspire others. The one thing that holds many people back from speaking is knowing what to say and how to prepare the speech.

Be a Charismatic Public Speaker

Speaking is an indispensable technique for communicating knowledge and expressing ideas. Effective oral or spoken communication is essential in school, business, as well as in personal life. When we talk about public speech, a fear factor entangles our mind and heart. We feel suffocated and choked by the term. But we have to keep in mind that nobody in this world is born with excellent speaking skills.

How to Make a Large Group Presentation Spectacular

More than one great speaker has fallen flat because they didn’t modify their speaking style to match their large audience size. Here are 10 points you should consider when giving talks to large audiences.

Toastmaster Evaluations

Evaluations are the strength of Toastmasters. Usually an evaluation is one Toastmaster taking the responsibility of standing up and offering opinions on what was strong about a speech and making one or two suggestions for improvement. It is one person’s opinion, generated with all the wisdom, kindness and experience that the evaluator can offer.

Different Ways To Improve A Keynote Speaker’s Presentation

Do you have some plans of becoming the best keynote speaker out there? Read on to learn more about how to prepare a well-crafted speech for any presentation.

Don’t Ruin Your Speech by Distracting Your Audience

Have you ever listened to a speaker whose mannerisms so distracted you from the speech itself that you missed the point the speaker was trying to make? Often these mannerisms result from nervousness or anxiety and usually the speaker is totally unaware of them. When it’s your turn to be the speaker, you certainly don’t want to distract or annoy your audience. Incorporating these suggestions will make sure that your mannerisms don’t interfere with the point of your speech.

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